Video Proposal for Lagotto Solutions
Please find bellow the proposal of the brief, I have also given an example of what the montage of the different interviews could look like.
- Film talking heads in central London over the period of one day
- Provide edits of each of these talking heads
- Provide a compilation edit of the different interviews 
Shooting Idea one
A multi camera cut of the interview with one camera being on a tripod and the other camera recording at an angle,  

Shooting Idea two 
One camera angle which is filmed in 4k giving the ability to crop in

Edit of interviews into montage

Quotation proposal
 Shooting idea one -  One days filming in London with  two cameras (excludes travel costs)
Shooting idea two - one days filming in London with one camera (excludes travel costs)
The time it will take to edit these video will depend on the amount of content that is filmed on the day. I would estimate three days of editing would be required, this would give time for two and half days work and the flexibility of having two sets of changes to the edit. 
Daily edit rate

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions over this proposal. 
Many Thanks
William Shears