I’m a documentary producer/director.  I love uncovering untold stories and creating impactful films.

Recently I directed and produced 'The Girl Who Sails with Her Breath,' a documentary for BBC 1. This heart-warming film follows Natasha, a girl with cerebral palsy, who, thanks to her father's ingenious invention, can control a 40ft yacht by breathing into a tube. The story chronicles Natasha and her family's inspiring journey across the Atlantic.
Prior to this I was also shortlisted for the prestigious Channel 4 First Cut scheme and had to present a three minute documentary at the Sheffield Documentary film
I have also gained experience on a true crime series where I travelled around the United States interviewing homicide detectives and attorneys. I have extensive development experience involving working at production companies and on my own projects, including getting them commissioned. Before working in editorial, I was an assistant editor; this has given me a great all-round perspective on the whole industry.

I have a valid I-Visa until 2026 and use my own FS7 with a range of lenses.
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